A press office which is a consultancy firm in communication with the flexibility and operational efficiency of an agency. We personally take care of our customers by creating strong relationships, often based on an almost daily exchange. Because we believe that this is the only way to create relationships of trust and value.

Since 1986 we have been managing press offices, media relations and communication activities for companies, trade associations and trade fair organizations. Our goal is to help our clients to get the best results in terms of visibility, media coverage, reputation.

We try to make life easier for our customers, helping them to coordinate their communication activities. We can do this by using our internal resources, or by supporting the company in evaluating the best third party solutions.

In our agency there are two generations of the same family. Different, complementary skills and cultures that lead us to work with particular success even with companies similar to us, in which several generations participate in the management, often finding themselves facing a delicate handover.


Journalist, graduated in Modern Literature and in Psychological Sciences and Techniques at the Catholic University of Milan, carried out academic activity at the Department of Psychology of the same university dealing up to 2006 with research in european and national MIUR (Ministry of University and Research) projects. In 1998 she joined Studio EffeErre to follow the development and coordination of media relations and editorial activities, web and multimedia. She has been the owner of the Agency since 2014.


Annalisa Fontana started and developed her professional activity mainly in the Milan Fair Organization, where she began working in 1963 in the Press, Advertising and PR Department. She has had assignments of increasing importance up to assume the position of general coordinator – at national and international level – for relations with the media, advertising, promotion, institutional image projects and specialized trade shows. She founded Studio EffeErre in 1986.


The management of press offices and media relations always remains at the heart of our business and we are sure that it will continue to be of fundamental importance. Of course, over time we have taken up the challenge of innovation by facing the evolution of media relations also in the digital field.
Our intervention can be on an ongoing basis or on the occasion of a single event or project (product launch, fair, institutional presentations) and includes all activities starting from the identification of the objectives and targets of interest up to the drafting of the single press release, to the dissemination of results and to the press review and ROI evaluation.

More and more often, our customers ask us to extend the interventions to other areas of communication in order to have a single management center and to simplify the work. This means significant savings in energy and costs for the company.

We deal with:

Press Office & Media Relations

We work to get you noticed by the media that matter to you. From the press release to a single social post, from press meeting to web news.

ADV & Graphic Design

We take care of all graphics and artwork of promotional materials up to the editing of company literature and adv campaigns.

Social Media & Digital

We support the customer in the management of social media, dem campaigns, digital PR and contents.


We create WordPress websites and manage the contents. SEO optimization, copywriting, technical assistance.


Our customers are companies, trade associations, organizations and trade fair organizers, but also professional firms or commercial activities. When we start a partnership for a period of one year as well as for a single on-spot project, what matters are the vision and the understanding on the objectives and results we aim to achieve. The flexibility of the organization and the solutions that we will be able to put in place to reach the goal together will follow.